Saturday, June 27, 2009

Test Drive

Ready for a test ride! My bag is finished!

I added grommets to the bottom of the bag and threaded the bungee cords through them. I never did find purple cords, but the green coordinate well. I added a strip of fabric to hold the hooks when not on the bike. I can also push the cords into the bottom of the bag so they won't catch on anything.

This bag is huge! I tested how much fabric I could put in it on a Shop Hop.
I might even be able to fit some clothes in it as well, in case I have to stay overnight somewhere.

Here's how it looks on my bike. Looking pretty good I think.

The final adjustments. I made a little do-hickey thingy to hold the straps together so they don't flap in the wind. I shortened the bungees a few inches so they are tight over the fender.
What do I have left to do?
Take it for a test ride and fill it with new fabric!


Lorraine said...

Did you use Velcro to hold the straps together? I mean on the fabric connector thing.

Julie said...

Yes. It is a rectangular piece of fabric with velco to close.

Pattyr said...

So cool!

CleverQuilter Jean said...

Wow!! Love the fabric.