Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Scrap Quilt

I just don't understand. I have been working on my scrap quilt for my friend Patty. I have made about 35 of the 6" blocks. The same block I posted earlier. I have used my scrap bag for the blocks. The bag of green is JUST AS FULL AS WHEN I STARTED! How can that be? Granted, I knew I had not used half of it yet, but it should be going down with all that I have used so far. I think the pieces are multiplying when I am not looking. I'll NEVER run out this way. I wonder if all the colors do the same thing. They, the scraps that is, must feel jeopardized by being used in a quilt and feel they have to multiply to survive. Here's my stack of blocks. I'm making all 120 blocks before I put them together so they are truly random. I didn't want to put together the blocks from my scrap bag, run out of scraps and have to pull from my stash for the rest. I thought if that happened I would like to mix all of the blocks together so you couldn't tell there were some that were too similar. Silly me, my scraps of green are never going to run out. I'll have a full bag even when I'm finished. Enough to make 10 more just the same probably.
The boys are truly curious about all this fabric on the floor. They have been trying to sleep on it. It must smell like me is all I can figure. Either that or it's just strange to have fabric on the floor.

I did finish BooBoo's Sweater. I think I'm going to take out the little sleeve's and redo them. They seem a little tighter than they should be. I'll show you a picture when I get Petey's finished. The colors are so dark, you can hardly see the sweater on Boo. Next time I think I'll go with red. My green sweater is coming along as well. The back is finished and the front now looks like hte back picture I posted the other day. I only had to start the front twice. Seems there were 2 rows of shells before the first row of holes. Once again pictures to follow later. Of course I could probably repost the picture of the sweater back and call it the front. They do look the same.
Anyway... back to working on those scraps.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It isn't Winter Blues

I've been working hard on the quilted throw for Diane NextDoor. It's coming along nicely, but I'm getting bored. I have 12 more blocks to finish for the top. I love the way the pattern is turning out, but I think I'm getting tired of the colors. They are beautiful, but I think I am in need of something bright, like lime green maybe (I know, I know..I already put lime green in everything) or maybe some bright blue (that would CERTAINLY be a change for me, just kidding) It's been mighty cold here and I think the bright colors would cheer me up a little.

Usually, I am planning a trip to Florida for Daytona's bike week about now. Honey isn't working the show this year, so we are not going. I'm going to miss the break in the weather. Daytona Bike Week, for those who are not motorcyclists, is the second largest event of the year. Sturgis is the largest. More importantly, it is the first sign of spring. I like to go down as they are getting set up so I can visit with my vendor friends before the real craziness starts. I'll have to find another way to welcome spring this year. This picture isfrom a couple years ago. It is the Yamaha Star demo tent going up.

Here's a picture of a sweater I am working on. Yes, it's crochet. This is the back. Actually it's the third version of the back. Seems you have to start out right for the pattern to look right. I miss counted the number of chains and got to the armholes before I realized it was going to be too small.I paid more attention this time and it looks much better. In fact, it looks alot like the picture on the pattern. Imagine that!

It's time to give it up for tonight though, otherwise I'll be taking it out again tomorrow. Just in case you were wondering what the little boys are up to, they have gone to bed without me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter Break

I guess I have been taking a short break. It started when I looked at my sewing area.
Oh my gosh, what happened! What a mess I have been making. I expect a mess in the kitchen when I am cooking, but not usually this bad when I am sewing. Must be the creative process at work. I needed to spread out the scraps to choose the right size and color for this quilt. So this is the result. Funny how it doesn't bother me when I am sewing, only when I stand back and look at it. I guess I had better keep sewing!

I've been working on a scrap quilt for a good friend of mine. Unfortunately I only see her a couple times a year and she is getting ready to go through Chemo for lung cancer. The cancer is gone, but she still has to have the treatments. I thought she might like something to cuddle up with when she is not feeling well. Get better soon Patty! Here's the paper pieced block I designed for her. I love the layout possibilities of it. You'll see more of it later I'm sure.

We are planning to go to quilt market in May so I have been trying to put together the new designs I want to take. I have 4 new quilts that I would like to make, take pictures and write the patterns. They are mostly throws, so that helps. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. I still have a few months so we'll see what I get finished.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought of it all, so I finished the scarf I was working on. Just in time for the birthday party later today. It was so late last night when I finished it, I decided to start a sweater for BooBoo. I have enough yarn to make a matching sweater for Petey. They'll be so cute. This one went so fast, I'm sure they will be more. I think I have 3 1/2 hours into it. Who says knitting takes forever. It's a great break from sewing. I still feel like I am accomplishing something. They tend to be small play projects. A play project is something that is just fun. Fun colors, fun design, something silly to distract me. I think BooBoo's sweater counts. I might have to do one in a brighter color though.
Guess I had better get busy again.

Friday, February 8, 2008

BooBoo's new girlfriend

I stayed with my friend Tina Thursday night. I got there very late after a mishap with my wallet and a long discussion with the toll booth attendant on the turnpike. I can't believe they took a personal check. Amazing.

BooBoo has very excited too see all of his cousins again, especially Riley, the white shepherd. I think he's in love. They are certainly quite a pair. Jake and Jasmin were excited to see Boo as well. I'm sure Boo thinks he's a big dog. Petey and Charlie went to Camp Diane (that would be my neighbor). Petey gets so excited about playing with her dog, he never looks back. I'm not sure he even misses me.

The motorcycle show was good. I always enjoy seeing my friends. I may be making a dog carrying bag for a friend of mine and more of the glasses cases. I'm working on the design for the carrying bag. It has to small though, she has a yorkie that is about 3 pounds.
Guess I had better get busy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chicago Road Trip

I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow to see my DH and another motorcycle show. You might think that I would get tired of going to the shows by now. For some strange reason it isn't so. It's not even the idea of seeing new things, afterall I have been to 5 shows in the last 4 months. I must be crazy! I do get to see all my old friends though and I still like looking at the bikes. We talk about the ones we like as if we had millions of dollars and unlimited garage space. In realty, my bike is fairly new, a 2005 and DH's has a 1997 goldwing.

I'm very excited about going. I am stopping at my dear friend Tina's tomorrow night. She lives a couple hours from the convention center. With our bust lives, it's about the only time we get to see each other. Of course we'll stay up too late tomorrow night talking about everything.

I seem to be on a pink and brown run rught now. I started working on a scarf for a small break from quilting. It's coming along nicely. I thought it might gow ith my purple coard and of course it does not. I could wear it with my work coat, except my coat is black and this is definately brown. Oh well. I like it anyway. I really like the way the pattern is forming. It looks kind of argyle.

I'm also working on a quilt for Diane Next Door. Guess what colors, pink and brown. Oh well. Maybe my next quilt will be purple and orange to make up for it.

I found this great dog print fabric today. I may make some of those sunglass cases out of it, or I may keep it for a new blanket for BooBoo. Lime green like this can be very sneaky. It has showed up in almost every one of my quilts for about two years now. I don't usually add it to my original design, but it somehow ends up there before the quilt is finished. Maybe I'll make my next quilt lime green and fuchsia. THAT wouldbe attractive.
Well, I have to finish packing and then off to Chicago I go.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I thought it was about time I talked about some of the other important things in my life. My DH was in Cleveland last weekend working the motorcycle show. He helps some of the manufacturer booths get ready for each show.

I came along with BooBoo, the youngest and smallest of our three dogs. Boo is a Pek-a-poo and about 10 pounds. Just about the maximum I can carry around all day long. I still can't believe he has a bag to ride around in, to say nothing of the sunglasses. Bear Enterprises has been at the shows this year selling sunglasses for dogs. So stinking cute. I have started making glasses cases for the sunglasses out of dog print fabrics. Shelley has 4 different size glasses for the different size dogs.

Here are both the little boys. As you can see they are very happy to be wearing their hats. Ha! Petey and Charlie, my Great Pyrenees stayed at Camp Diane (That would be Diane Next Door) while Boo and I went to see Papa.
We're making more glasses cases and working on a quilt for Diane. I'm still working out the design details though so you'll have to wait for that picture. In the mean time I'm looking for more dog print fabric. Shoot, I think I have to go shopping.
Have a great one!