Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter Break

I guess I have been taking a short break. It started when I looked at my sewing area.
Oh my gosh, what happened! What a mess I have been making. I expect a mess in the kitchen when I am cooking, but not usually this bad when I am sewing. Must be the creative process at work. I needed to spread out the scraps to choose the right size and color for this quilt. So this is the result. Funny how it doesn't bother me when I am sewing, only when I stand back and look at it. I guess I had better keep sewing!

I've been working on a scrap quilt for a good friend of mine. Unfortunately I only see her a couple times a year and she is getting ready to go through Chemo for lung cancer. The cancer is gone, but she still has to have the treatments. I thought she might like something to cuddle up with when she is not feeling well. Get better soon Patty! Here's the paper pieced block I designed for her. I love the layout possibilities of it. You'll see more of it later I'm sure.

We are planning to go to quilt market in May so I have been trying to put together the new designs I want to take. I have 4 new quilts that I would like to make, take pictures and write the patterns. They are mostly throws, so that helps. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. I still have a few months so we'll see what I get finished.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought of it all, so I finished the scarf I was working on. Just in time for the birthday party later today. It was so late last night when I finished it, I decided to start a sweater for BooBoo. I have enough yarn to make a matching sweater for Petey. They'll be so cute. This one went so fast, I'm sure they will be more. I think I have 3 1/2 hours into it. Who says knitting takes forever. It's a great break from sewing. I still feel like I am accomplishing something. They tend to be small play projects. A play project is something that is just fun. Fun colors, fun design, something silly to distract me. I think BooBoo's sweater counts. I might have to do one in a brighter color though.
Guess I had better get busy again.

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