Friday, February 8, 2008

BooBoo's new girlfriend

I stayed with my friend Tina Thursday night. I got there very late after a mishap with my wallet and a long discussion with the toll booth attendant on the turnpike. I can't believe they took a personal check. Amazing.

BooBoo has very excited too see all of his cousins again, especially Riley, the white shepherd. I think he's in love. They are certainly quite a pair. Jake and Jasmin were excited to see Boo as well. I'm sure Boo thinks he's a big dog. Petey and Charlie went to Camp Diane (that would be my neighbor). Petey gets so excited about playing with her dog, he never looks back. I'm not sure he even misses me.

The motorcycle show was good. I always enjoy seeing my friends. I may be making a dog carrying bag for a friend of mine and more of the glasses cases. I'm working on the design for the carrying bag. It has to small though, she has a yorkie that is about 3 pounds.
Guess I had better get busy.

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