Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chicago Road Trip

I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow to see my DH and another motorcycle show. You might think that I would get tired of going to the shows by now. For some strange reason it isn't so. It's not even the idea of seeing new things, afterall I have been to 5 shows in the last 4 months. I must be crazy! I do get to see all my old friends though and I still like looking at the bikes. We talk about the ones we like as if we had millions of dollars and unlimited garage space. In realty, my bike is fairly new, a 2005 and DH's has a 1997 goldwing.

I'm very excited about going. I am stopping at my dear friend Tina's tomorrow night. She lives a couple hours from the convention center. With our bust lives, it's about the only time we get to see each other. Of course we'll stay up too late tomorrow night talking about everything.

I seem to be on a pink and brown run rught now. I started working on a scarf for a small break from quilting. It's coming along nicely. I thought it might gow ith my purple coard and of course it does not. I could wear it with my work coat, except my coat is black and this is definately brown. Oh well. I like it anyway. I really like the way the pattern is forming. It looks kind of argyle.

I'm also working on a quilt for Diane Next Door. Guess what colors, pink and brown. Oh well. Maybe my next quilt will be purple and orange to make up for it.

I found this great dog print fabric today. I may make some of those sunglass cases out of it, or I may keep it for a new blanket for BooBoo. Lime green like this can be very sneaky. It has showed up in almost every one of my quilts for about two years now. I don't usually add it to my original design, but it somehow ends up there before the quilt is finished. Maybe I'll make my next quilt lime green and fuchsia. THAT wouldbe attractive.
Well, I have to finish packing and then off to Chicago I go.

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Lorraine said...

I forgot that you know how to knit. What is the pattern that creates the stripes?