Saturday, February 2, 2008


I thought it was about time I talked about some of the other important things in my life. My DH was in Cleveland last weekend working the motorcycle show. He helps some of the manufacturer booths get ready for each show.

I came along with BooBoo, the youngest and smallest of our three dogs. Boo is a Pek-a-poo and about 10 pounds. Just about the maximum I can carry around all day long. I still can't believe he has a bag to ride around in, to say nothing of the sunglasses. Bear Enterprises has been at the shows this year selling sunglasses for dogs. So stinking cute. I have started making glasses cases for the sunglasses out of dog print fabrics. Shelley has 4 different size glasses for the different size dogs.

Here are both the little boys. As you can see they are very happy to be wearing their hats. Ha! Petey and Charlie, my Great Pyrenees stayed at Camp Diane (That would be Diane Next Door) while Boo and I went to see Papa.
We're making more glasses cases and working on a quilt for Diane. I'm still working out the design details though so you'll have to wait for that picture. In the mean time I'm looking for more dog print fabric. Shoot, I think I have to go shopping.
Have a great one!

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