Thursday, February 21, 2008

It isn't Winter Blues

I've been working hard on the quilted throw for Diane NextDoor. It's coming along nicely, but I'm getting bored. I have 12 more blocks to finish for the top. I love the way the pattern is turning out, but I think I'm getting tired of the colors. They are beautiful, but I think I am in need of something bright, like lime green maybe (I know, I know..I already put lime green in everything) or maybe some bright blue (that would CERTAINLY be a change for me, just kidding) It's been mighty cold here and I think the bright colors would cheer me up a little.

Usually, I am planning a trip to Florida for Daytona's bike week about now. Honey isn't working the show this year, so we are not going. I'm going to miss the break in the weather. Daytona Bike Week, for those who are not motorcyclists, is the second largest event of the year. Sturgis is the largest. More importantly, it is the first sign of spring. I like to go down as they are getting set up so I can visit with my vendor friends before the real craziness starts. I'll have to find another way to welcome spring this year. This picture isfrom a couple years ago. It is the Yamaha Star demo tent going up.

Here's a picture of a sweater I am working on. Yes, it's crochet. This is the back. Actually it's the third version of the back. Seems you have to start out right for the pattern to look right. I miss counted the number of chains and got to the armholes before I realized it was going to be too small.I paid more attention this time and it looks much better. In fact, it looks alot like the picture on the pattern. Imagine that!

It's time to give it up for tonight though, otherwise I'll be taking it out again tomorrow. Just in case you were wondering what the little boys are up to, they have gone to bed without me.

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