Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Scrap Quilt

I just don't understand. I have been working on my scrap quilt for my friend Patty. I have made about 35 of the 6" blocks. The same block I posted earlier. I have used my scrap bag for the blocks. The bag of green is JUST AS FULL AS WHEN I STARTED! How can that be? Granted, I knew I had not used half of it yet, but it should be going down with all that I have used so far. I think the pieces are multiplying when I am not looking. I'll NEVER run out this way. I wonder if all the colors do the same thing. They, the scraps that is, must feel jeopardized by being used in a quilt and feel they have to multiply to survive. Here's my stack of blocks. I'm making all 120 blocks before I put them together so they are truly random. I didn't want to put together the blocks from my scrap bag, run out of scraps and have to pull from my stash for the rest. I thought if that happened I would like to mix all of the blocks together so you couldn't tell there were some that were too similar. Silly me, my scraps of green are never going to run out. I'll have a full bag even when I'm finished. Enough to make 10 more just the same probably.
The boys are truly curious about all this fabric on the floor. They have been trying to sleep on it. It must smell like me is all I can figure. Either that or it's just strange to have fabric on the floor.

I did finish BooBoo's Sweater. I think I'm going to take out the little sleeve's and redo them. They seem a little tighter than they should be. I'll show you a picture when I get Petey's finished. The colors are so dark, you can hardly see the sweater on Boo. Next time I think I'll go with red. My green sweater is coming along as well. The back is finished and the front now looks like hte back picture I posted the other day. I only had to start the front twice. Seems there were 2 rows of shells before the first row of holes. Once again pictures to follow later. Of course I could probably repost the picture of the sweater back and call it the front. They do look the same.
Anyway... back to working on those scraps.

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Lorraine said...

I sometimes feel the same way about yarn. I did a "knit a mile" challenge earlier this year,I did actually knit about a mile and a half in the sic week challenge, but it didnt' make much difference.