Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thinking of Spring

If you looked out my window right now, you would be quite certain it was winter and spring is a long way off. There is about 12" of snow on the ground. we got a couple more inches last night. I'm hoping this is almost the last of it. I have been working on quilting my snowflake wall hanging as a result. I'm sure I won't feel like quilting it when the snow is gone and the flowers are blooming. I'll put up the real picture when it's finished.

I have to quilt my Daisy quilt as well, but I am still waiting for the backing fabric to come in. I wasn't sure what I wanted to use for the back when I bought the rest of the material. Silly me, The dark green was gone, of course, when I went back to get it. Fortunately it is not a seasonal print and my local shop could get it back in.

I sent the boys out to play in the snow. Charlie has no problem of course, even when the snow is this deep. He could sit out there for days if I let him. He sits in the middle of the yard with the snow falling gently on top of him. You would think he was sitting on the beach by the ocean by the look on his face. Here's Charlie waiting for it to snow. The little boys are not quite so happy the snow is so deep. Boo likes to follow Charlie around, but has to leap from one of Charlie's paw prints to the next. He's only about a foot tall himself. I think he likes the challenge though. Poor Petey stays behind and watches them walk around the yard. Petey would rather be at the beach. He doesn't like snow or rain for that matter. He is happiest sleeping on the couch or in a chair.

All the pieces of my green sweater are finished. I still have to put them together. I sure wish it was warm enough to wear it.

I had better started on that, or it will be fall and the pieces will still be sitting on the table.

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