Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ooh the Snow and Ice!

We had about a foot of snow early this week, then 60 degrees and now ice. It was beautiful on the trees, but not so much on the roads. I woke up this morning and could not see out of the front windows of the house. They were covered in a sheet of ice. I took some pictures of the trees though. So incredibly beautiful. It was a good day to stay inside if you could. I, of course had to go out. There was a good 3/8" sheet on my car. Strangely, the doors were not frozen shut. The ice shattered over the door shattered when I opened it.

I've been thinking about how to portray these branches in a quilt. The trees were glistening like they had had a shower of glitter this morning. This is probably another one of those potential quilt ideas that will haunt me until I get it figured out.

I thought it would also be a good day to show you some of my finished projects. I have finished my green sweater. It does look stunning on my dressmaker's dummy. Too bad I can't wear for at least a month. I guess I could turn the heat up in the house and pretend it's summer here.

Here is Boo in his sweater. Doesn't he look so dapper? Just stunning! I don't think he is quite as happy about wearing it just now though. What a look i am getting! I haven't started Petey's matching sweater yet. It's on my list. Petey doesn't look very anxious about not having yet. Gosh, I can't understand why not.

Diane Next Door's lap quilt is almost finished. I had to buy more brown today for her border. I'm going to make a second with the same design and write up a pattern for it. These colors are much more cheerful. Diane's, if you remember , were pink and brown. A great match for her living room, but not very exciting. I'm going to take both to my guild meeting on Monday if I can stay focused and get the second top finished.

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