Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Finished!

Hey all,

I have been so busy recently. I FINALLY finished Diane Next Door's lap quilt. She is just thrilled. She wanted that furry fleece on the back. It looks kind of like a poodle, in this case a white poodle.It's very warm, snuggly and very slippery. The pink and brown will go great in her living room. I have also finished the top to the second version to be used for a pattern shortly. I think I'll call it Candy Coated Chocolate. The colors are more my style, you know, lime green and turquoise with brown.

I have also cut out and started the next project. Another lap quilt, I know. It's such a nice size to work on. large enough to be fun, but not so large as to get boring. I'm still looking for a name for this one as well. The fabric is just stunning. Benartex, Flower Show II.

I set up my Etsy store as well. Both BooBoo and Petey are featured. I made two green plaid coats and a denim jacket that are up for sale with more to come. The link is Check it out. They have the best handmade stuff for sale. My youngest sister recommended it. She's on top of all the trends and knows where to find all the coolest things.
I hope the weather is warm wherever you are!

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