Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Perfect Day

I've been thinking recently, it's time to have one of those perfect days. I know exactly how I would spend that day, so I've been planning. Not that it takes long to plan. I want to spend my day riding to several quilt shops. I rode to my brother's house last weekend for the holiday. I brought my sister her quilt. It was a beautiful day for a ride and that just got me thinking again.

I've read about quite a few people that use quilting as a way to relax and and get away from the craziness of everyday life. Mark Lipinski shared his view in the last issue of Quilter's Home. http://www.quiltershomemag.com/issuex/0708/. I have to admit that I also use quilting as a way to relax. How can you be stressed out when you are sorting through beautiful fabric. I fold and refold, put it away, take it out again, put it away again, just to sort through my stash and see what I have. I love to put pieces next each other and see how they play together. I get into that zone, stitching the pieces together, where I can sort through the things in my life. I feel blessed to have this wonderful craft.
I have to admit though, I get the same feelings riding my motorcycle. When you ride a motorcycle, you have to constantly watch what is going on around you. The same kind of focus you should have when running a sewing machine. Pay attention, you wouldn't want to sew through your finger. (I've come close and know a few who have.) My favorite trips on my bike involve a remote country road, a few curves in the road and trees overhead. As I ride down these roads, my mind starts drifting towards the colors around me and the shapes of the scenery. A new quilt design comes to mind. It is very similar to sorting through those piles of fabric.

So, my perfect day involves riding my motorcycle down some of those country roads to the quilt shop to pick out new fabric. I'll take in the colors and shapes and then translate them directly to fabric. and then start all over again on my way to the next shop. I wonder what the weather will be like on Saturday.

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