Monday, May 4, 2009

Where have I been?

I have been heads down getting ready for Quilt Market. For those that don't know, Quilt Market is a show for the shop owners to attend to see what is new in the world of quilts and bring those things back to their shops. I have about a week left and am so happy to have only bindings left to finish. YEAH! I'll have pictures of the quilts for you then. Quilt Market is in Pittsburgh this year, only a 2 hour drive for me. I'm going down on Thursday to set up and the show runs Friday-Sunday. I'm so excited. Most of the local shops are going, so I will see many, many people that I know this time. The thought of it all almost makes my head spin.

My Simplicity jacket is coming along, very slowly. I have quilted some of the pieces, but am still working on it. I had thought about quilting the fabric on my longarm, but thought I might be more likely to use the scraps if they were not quilted. Not that I ever do. I keep thinking I need to make several scrap quilts to use up those little pieces. Right now they go into an already overstuffed box. I wonder how many quilts I would have to make to put a dent in that pile. Would I then have room for more new fabric? Hmmm...

I took a little motorcycle marketing trip last weekend up Route 5. I stopped at several shops along the way. It was a beautiful day to be out, 75 and sunny. Route 5 runs along Lake Erie. It was a little cool in some spots right along the lake. I did spend some time on Route 20 on the way home and it was much warmer and Route 20 is less than half a mile from Route 5. Crazy! My plan (excuse) was to stop in the shops and give them my flyer for quilt market. I think the Motorcycle Marketing Trip should become a regular activity.

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