Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting

I leave for Quilt Market in Pittsburgh in 3 weeks. These next 3 weeks will be full of binding quilts and printing patterns. I thought you might be interested in this article on bias vs straight binding. Most of the time I use a straight binding. I have been contemplating the switch to bias bindings because they wear better. When done correctly, they also lie beautifully. The downside is always figuring out how much fabric I will need. Shelley Rodgers from has a great chart that makes calculating easy. Of course you can always purchase binging already cut. These are called lollipops. You can see why. This particular group is available from

I have big plans for this weekend. I would really like to finish the Palumbo quilt top. I have 40 blocks finished, granted all the easy ones are done. There are 24 paper pieced blocks to go. In a perfect world, I will have those finished Friday night. I already planning a little break for Saturday. I want to take a ride up into NY along Route 5. Route 5 runs along Lake Erie. There are a couple new shops I found in Jamestown I would like to visit and always the shop in Dunkirk. I guess I had better put the big bag on the back of the bike, or I'll have trouble bringing things home. I heard it might be 75!

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