Friday, April 3, 2009

My New Sewing Room

It's been a month since the big move and I think my new sewing room is finally coming together. I have an odd shaped room to work with, but I am very happy with the results. As some of you know, I had my sewing all over the house. My cutting table, fabric and ironing board were on the second floor and my sewing machine was on the first. I would do the sewing aerobics every day. Upstairs to cut, downstairs to sew, upstairs to press, back downstairs to sew. It was getting a little crazy. I think Honey was getting a little tired of the sewing paraphernalia spread everywhere.Now, we have consolidated most everything into 1 room. My fabric is still in the attic, but at least it is all on the same floor.

I do not have any "real" sewing furniture. The tables made specifically for sewing are beautiful, but the do not fit well in my room. My room is only 8 feet wide in the largest section. I have 2 six foot tables in a corner to cut and sew on with shelves under both. I love having the extra space to spread out on when working on a large project. It also gives the "little boys" a place to sleep or watch the going's on out the window. I also love having a basket to collect all my scraps just under the table. I really should make more scrap quilts. Add them to the project list I guess.

I have added a few shelves and still need one more. Maybe this weekend. The shelves and drawers are next to my sewing machine. I can open the drawers without getting up. I keep my thread and needles in there, close at hand. My room is about 16ft. long. At the other end I have my ironing board, my serger and an old Martha Washington sewing cabinet. Some day I'll strip the red paint off and refinish it.

I love having this dedicated space. Honey teases about the invisible line at the doorway. The one that allows everything to go in and nothing to come out. I need a few things fort he walls, but I think I'm going to paint it first. Best of all, I love looking out the window while I'm working.

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Christine Thresh said...

I have one of those sewing cabinets. Why are they called Martha Washington? I like yours in red, mine is just dark wood.