Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What to do next?

My sewing machine has to go into the shop. The screen is acting up. When I turn on the machine it seems as though the contrast needs adjusting and after s little while the screen goes blank as though it had a screen saver...except it doesn't. So off to the shop it goes. I so need a back up machine but don't have one so the big question now is what to do next? I have all those projects that are in process but they cannot proceed without a machine. I may bring out my serger for the log cabin project. I guess I need to sort through my hand projects as well. The Halloween Baltimore Album block I started on my trip home for Christmas? Or the Mexican Rose project that has been my traveling project for the last 5 years? Or I can straighten up my scraps and plan a new quilt? I have options. I'm just not sure which way to turn.

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