Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Supreme Slider

I have been trying out a new Supreme Slider recently. I bought it in Houston at the Quilt Festival. It is a teflon mat that fit's in the bed of your machine with a little hole in the center for the needle to go through. It is designed to make the surface of your machine more slippery and therefore make free motion quilting easier. The back of the sheet is tacky. I think it uses static to stick, but I am not sure. It is very sticky. It didn't move, even when I forgot to lower my feed dogs. when it get's dirty, you can rinse it in water and the stickyness will return. Very impressive. I tried it with a wall hanging and it worked great. I also have been quilting a queen size quilt for my sister and I could not tell the difference with and without it. I believe tht was a result of the size of my quilt though, not hte fault of the Supreme Slider. It's just hard to move that much fabric through a machine. All in all, I was happy with how it works. I have given you the link to their site if you have any questions.

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