Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I never laughed so hard...

I laughed so hard my cheeks are still sore. Mark Lipinski was in town today. If you have ever seen him speak, you understand what I mean. If you have not seen him speak, you should find out where he will be next. We heard the story of his quilting life today. He even showed us his very first quilt, as well as many others that he has done. They were, of course, spectacular. His stories were even better though. I loved his story about teaching in Lancaster, Pa. (the heart of amish country). He explained how his classes became rated R. He took us through the quilts that have been in magazines and explained how he sees quilts all around him. I drove 100 miles to see him today and would do it again tomorrow! Oh, how I wished I had brought my memory card for my camera. I had my camera. Alas, my memory card was at home in my computer (heavy sigh).

I think I mentioned my dear friend Jan has a new little puppy. I started a little baby quilt for Maggie. I think these 5" blocks are the smallest I have pieced so far. When looking at some of the miniature quilts at the show today, I was thinking of these blocks. They sure feel miniature to me. I did get a little help from the boys on this one. I think Boo knew who it was for.

I believe I have also decided on a new iron. As I explained last time, my poor iron gave up the ghost. I was pressing the hood on one of the raincoats for the little boys at the time. I thought I had the temperature up to high for the fabric I had used. It scorched, just a little, and it smelled funny. I thought maybe I had melted the fabric a little. You know how cotton/poly can get a crusty if you scorch it. Well, I went back to press the next section (I did remember to turn down the temp). No heat. nothing, nada, zippo. Cold as can be. Well that's very strange, I thought. I didn't think I had turned it off. The light was still on.So I horsed around with it for awhile. Tipped it down, and back up, turned it upside down to make sure the holes weren't clogged. All looked well. Alas, all was not well. The poor thing was gone from this world an on to the next. After much searching, I found my husbands old sunbeam down in the basement. I know, I should be thrilled he had an iron to find. It served him well. It's a light weight steam job. It heats up quickly and no auto shut off. I still hate it. It's too light and it runs out of water very quickly. Soooo, I've been looking for a replacement. I liked my Rowenta, but thought I might like a cordless iron this time. Weel, the maytag isn't avaiable anymore and I didn't like the other options. Maybe that new Oliso...or... a steam generating model. Yup, I think I'm going to go with the Rowenta Pressure Iron and Steamer.

What else am I working on? I finished the top for the Corry YMCA donation quilt. It still needs quilting. I'll get that started tonight. I have an embroidery quilt design disk I think I am going to use for it. You've probably seen them. They are embroidery designs that look like a quilting design. You hoop the quilt section, batting, backing and all, and embroider away. It's cheating, I know. It is a donation quilt though and the designs are beautiful. They are just the right size for the blocks. Then, I'm going to put a green binding on it to finish it off. A quick label and it's ready to go. I am really hoping to get it all finished up this week so I can take it out to them next week.

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