Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So much to do...

I am feeling a little buried, at least until this weekend. I have quite a bit of quilting to do. That always makes me feel behind the eight ball. I'm never quite sure how long it will take to quilt an item. I have to finish quilting the snowflake wall hanging to take down to the shop in Meadville. I also have a auction quilt I am giving to the YMCA of Corry, Pa to finish. Better get busy on those.

JB and I had a GREAT time at the sewing show. I met her at CWRU in Cleveland after her family went to a Tuba concert. We took the littlest, W with us and the other 2 went with Da. We were not looking for anything in particular this time, except maybe a replacement rotary cutter. I had one of those with the flowers on it. Purple and lime green. You can see why it attracted me. Well, it somehow got miss-placed. I'm not sure if it fell in the trash can or is folded up in a piece of fabric under my cutting table. I did not expect to find the replacement. They have a new pattern out now. It has too much orange for me. My darling sister found one for me though on our second trip around the booths. I was talking to the embroidery machine guy and she said she just knew that had to be the one I was looking for. How could she tell?
I found some great trims as well. I think they will be used on some little girly girl puppy dog clothing. The Vogue fabric booth had quite a bit in their remnants box. They were mostly $1/yard. It's hard to beat that. We gave out a few of my pattern flyers as well and talked to some ladies about a quilt guild on the east side of Cleveland. There seems to be a need for a quilt shop and guild on the near east side. JB has to travel at least 30 miles to get to the closet shop. That's silly in a city the size of Cleveland. She is talking about having to go to Painesville or Richfield. I, on the other hand have about 6 shops within 30 miles, and Erie is much, much smaller. Go figure.

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