Saturday, April 12, 2008

Missing Pieces

My baby quilt for Maggie, the Yorkshire Terrier is almost finished. It would be finished except for one minor issue. I seem to have lost a block. How can that be? I have 11 of one and 12 of the other. I should have 12 of each. I know I cut out 12. I don't have any stray pieces left. It has just disappeared. One block, gone. I know I'll find it, but I am also sure that will be AFTER I remake it. Isn't that just the way it goes.

I've been working hard on another donation quilt as well. My niece and nephew's school has a raffle every year to raise money. It helps keep the tuition down. After a little "pretty please with sugar on top" I agreed to make on of the quilts. Their mother is making a few others for them. I have pictures of the children in one of the classrooms ready to be printed onto the fabric paper. I am going to use them in the center of a snowball block. Here is the alternate block. I am hoping it will have more color when I put the pictures in. I'm still deciding on how to include the names. I think I will type them under the picture and then print it out. I have to have the quilt in Cleveland by next weekend. I don't think I'll have the time to embroider them.

We're headed out to clean up the yard today. There are still quite a few winter leftovers to get picked up, branches and stuff. I need to start figuring out my vegetable garden. You know, how big to make it. How many tomato plants I need (and that is NEED you know). Now about those tomato plants. Here's the story. There are two adults in our house, no children. They are all grown and on their own. We eat our fair share of tomato sauce. My husband is Italian, spaghetti and gnocchi are served frequently. So every year I think we need lots of tomatoes. I was looking at a packet of heirloom tomatoes a few weeks ago. They were so beautiful, I thought they would be perfect. There were nine plants in the packet. WHAT was I thinking, NINE plants. I'll have tomatoes for years to come in the freezer, especially if I follow the directions and give each plant the room it needs to grow (I've been known to crowd them in the past, like 6 plants in about 4 square feet.). I'll be giving tomatoes to the neighbors. Of course Diane Next Door will like that. She comes over and takes what she needs anyway. There are always too many tomatoes, but this will be ridiculous. But, once you have the plants, you have to plant them. You can't let them die. I'm planning all this and in our climate, I can't even plant them for another 5-6 weeks.

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