Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've been working diligently on Palumbo's Puzzle. I have about 20 blocks to finish and then string them all together. Everything was going along just fine...until I had a little distraction this past week. Nothing bad. Just the curious nature of how my mind works. I was pinning and sewing the curves together, just like I have been. I happened to pick up 3 yellow pins, 1 green and 1 red. Well, I noticed the play of the green and yellow pin heads off the black and gray fabric of the quilt. The colors were muted and looked great against the dark background. I had to stop and record the colors to go back to later. Now they have been haunting me. I've been dreaming muted lemons and limes. This is how it always happens for me. I am happily doing my thing and BAM! Something clicks in my head and I have a new idea.

I think I need a better idea storage tool. I keep a journal (well, maybe 2 or 3). I keep pictures, usually on my computer or they stay in my phone. I keep fabric color combinations together under my cutting table. The problem I am having is that all these ideas go in and then they rarely come out again. It may be because there are always new ideas to work on. I think truly it is the disjointed nature of how I keep the ideas. I need the pictures to come together with the color combinations and the journal sketches somehow. I'm looking for ideas...

What else is new and exciting? Honey and I are discussing going to the Kentucky Truck Show next month. I think it will be very cool! I'm hoping it will be similar to the motorcycle shows, only much larger vehicles and so a much larger canvas for custom paint. It is so amazing what these artists can do. I also am very curious about the sleeper quilts. I have only seen the $40 blanket variety from your local truck stop. SOMEBODY must be making custom quilts for these souped up semis!

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