Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are rearranging the house!

Moving furniture is not one of my favorite activities. There are some people I know that move things around every few months to make the room more this or more that. I am not one of those people. I arrange furniture and it tends to stay that way for years. Honey didn't have to ask more than once for this change though.

Honey and I are about to change up at least 2 rooms in our house. He needs to have an office to handle all of his truck things. It has to be accessible to auditors, which means we don't really want it on the second floor. They would have to traipse through the entire house to get to it. We don't really want it in the basement either. The basement does not give off that professional feeling. We have decided to put it in the "little bedroom". There are no beds in the little bedroom. The "little bedroom" is a small room on the first floor that I currently use to work my day job from and I use it for my sewing machine. All of my other sewing paraphernalia is upstairs in the "office". Now the office does have 2 desks in it currently. Honey's desk is falling apart. It is going into the trash. The plan is to move my desk and the file cabinet downstairs to the "little bedroom" and move the rest of my sewing stuff upstairs to the "office" The "office" then becomes a sewing room, since it mostly is anyway. I get all my sewing things on one floor and don't have to do the sewing aerobics anymore. We also have to move a table from the basement to the new sewing room and a file cabinet from the basement to the new office. Gram's couch will come up to our bedroom. I think the whole house will be in an uproar all weekend. Good thing I decided not to paint first.

My new sewing room. I've never had a sewing room. It is currently a very cheerful yellow. I am watching the light this morning to see how it comes in the windows. I want to make sure it will not blind me as I sew in the morning or the evening. I also have to move my cutting table to a more lighted corner. It can be a little shady in the evening where it is now. My sewing machine is going on a regular table for now. I will now have room for a real sewing table once I find one I like. I'll need to look at more little cubby holes also, to put fabric in.

It's moving day at my house!

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