Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Ok, So Valentine's isn't until tomorrow. Honey and I celebrated last weekend in Chicago. It seems like Valentines week here. Not such a bad thing.

Honey was in Chicago on Tuesday. BooBoo and I left Erie on Thursday. I stayed with my best friend Thursday night. We do this every year. I get to her house about 10pm and we stay up until 2 or 3 talking. I headed off west when she went in to work on Friday. Honey was working the motorcycle show, finishing the setup at the Stephens Convention Center. I wish I could say we filled our weekend with very exciting plans. No so. It was just a nice weekend away. We did take a little trip south of Chicago to look at a trailer for his truck. Not the peak of excitement though.

BooBoo got to play with all his friends. He is madly in love with Riley, a white shepherd. He got to see Roy and Pat, and the Yamaha boys. Eggs for breakfast, a hamburger for lunch. (He won't eat dog food when we are on the road). He thought it was a great trip. Now, don't go thinking the other boys missed out. Charlie and Petey were at Camp Diane's. Spoiled rotten would be a good description. Bailey got to go to Aunt Bonnie's. Spoiled rotten again. Bailey's sister lives with Aunt Bonnie as well as 2 Springer Spaniels, Gunner and Gabby.

I took several photos of the custom paint jobs on the motorcycles. I love the color combinations they use. I've also been looking at some of the lines of the pieces parts, like this fender from one of the Victory Ness bikes. The flow of the exhaust pipe has a nice curve to it. The different shapes of the handle bars. I'm working on a design using the exhaust pipe curve. I'll work on the handle bars later. Who knew motorcycles could inspire quilts.

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