Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow again

It snowed again yesterday, another 8-12 inches. We've had over 120 inches already this year. Not as much as some areas, but almost a record for here. My mother reminded me it doesn't snow when it is very cold here. I guess I should be happy it has warmed up enough to snow. I had to shovel some of the backyard to give the little boys room to go out.

I've signed up for Facebook. I'm moving into the digital age I guess. I was not a fan of My Space. Too many kids I think. It seemed too much like an obsession. Not that Facebook isn't full of kids or a bit like an obsession. There seem to be more people my age there and I have been surprised by some of the people that are there. The Today Show has a page for example, well Hoda and Kathy Lee anyway. We'll see how it goes. If you are on Facebook, let me know what you think of it.

I finished my stealth project. You'll still have to wait to see it. I gave it to my quilter, Alison Schmidt. This quilt needed a higher level of quilting than I am capable of. Alison does a great job and I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

I've just started working on a commission quilt. A couple of the drivers that have been on the motorcycle tour have asked for quilts for their semi bunks. The quilts are 55" x 85", long and narrow. The first quilt is black/purple and grey to match his truck. I've added a little of the lime green to brighten it up a bit. The next one is green with darker green flames. I think I'll have to applique the flames. I'm still working on drawing that one up. The third quilt we have been discusing has a mission style design. I'm waiting for the applique artwork to match their bedroom. The mission quilt will be king size. I'll be busy with these for a little while.

I'm headed to Cleveland this weekend for the IMS Motorcycle Show ( It's the same show I was at in Houston. Honey left on Tuesday to start the setup. I'll stay until Sunday. The show closes at 4:00 for the Superbowl. Honey will be tearing down the booths during the game. I think they play it over the loadspeakers. Next weekend we'll be in Chicago. Maybe I'll find another inspiration bike like the one in Houston. I'll certainly get some good flame ideas.

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