Sunday, January 4, 2009

They say inspiration can be found anywhere

I know I should take my camera more often. Maybe I just need a smaller one that will fit in my pocket. I tell myself I would have more blog posts if I took more pictures. Maybe I just need a smaller camera. I'm sure I need another gadget around. Truth is, I really like my camera. It takes great pictures, but it is an SLR and therefore does not fit in my pocket.

This year I would like to expand my inspiration journal. I keep several notebooks around and colored pencils to jot things down as ideas come to me. These fleeting ideas are my ghosts and if I don't get them down on paper, they may disappear entirely, or they may haunt me for days on end. I don't always have those books with me though to record all of my ghosts, hence the camera discussion. I have a camera phone that takes pretty good pictures, but right now I cannot get them from my phone to my computer to show you. Seems I have to add texting to do that.

I went to Houston to visit Honey as he worked the International Motorcycle Show. The show is always great. I get to sit on all the new models and check out all the new gear. There has been a trend for custom paint and accessories in the past few years. I was drawn to one bike in particular this year. I just loved the color combination. It wasn't very long before I started to see a quilt reflecting back from the gas tank of that bike. My ghosts had followed me to Houston! Of course, I did not have my camera or one of my notebooks. What's a girl to do? I pulled out my cell phone and snapped a few shots.

So now I have these great motivational pictures and no way to share them. One of my sister's insists I am a die hard quilter if I am able to see quilts in the gas tanks of motorcycles. This is the same sister who had a dream I bought a hot pink chopper with a front end so extended it needed separate controls to turn. I think I need to borrow her dream fairies!

I hope you see quilts in all of the everyday things around you.

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