Friday, January 2, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

I think January is one of the hardest months her in Erie, Pa. We have more grey days than sunny days and it seems as though every day in January is grey. Honey laughs at me because I always talk about moving to a warmer climate this time of year, not that I think it will ever happen. I did find this great fabric by Blank quilting. It reminds me of the Arizona desert. Much as I love Arizona, it's too far away from my family to be a realistic place to move. I can have a little piece of the desert though. I think this will be a wall hanging for the hallway.

I've also been seeing green. No not green with envy (well maybe a little). Most of Honey's family lives in Florida as well as my youngest sister. There are certain shades of green that transport me to sunny FLA in January and February. The green of the palm trees and that funny stiff grass they have. Honey and I typically head south in March for a short visit. Daytona Bike Week is the motorcycling official start of spring. Honey is usually working the show and I come along for a break in the weather and to visit with friends and family. I have known some motorcyclists to ride down from Ohio only to find snow on the ground when they try to ride home. Much as I might like to get my bike out early this year, I don't think I'm quite up to riding in the snow, even with my new Gerbings electric jacket liner. It plugs into the side of the bike and will keep me toasty warm on those cool night rides home. No, that's not a picture of honey and I but my new jacket liner looks just like hers does. It even has plugs for glove liners on the sleeves. I've had die hard riders tell me the heated clothing is cheating, but I'm all for extending my riding season and I am a freeze baby at heart.

As a quilter, I feel very lucky to be able to look through my fabrics or go to the quilt store and be transported to a different place or a different time of year. I love the large floral prints this time of year. I can create my own garden. The best part of a quilted garden is that all of the flowers look perfect and they don't require any watering. It may be a rose garden, or it may be Iris', but it will certainly be spring in my sewing room.
I think it's time to turn up the thermostat and start working on that garden, or the desert quilt.
Stay warm and let the fabrics take the grey out of your sewing room.

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