Sunday, June 13, 2010

So many colors...So many choices.

Finally...We bought a house in Florida. I guess we are staying for a while. Honey said this is "the last house he will ever buy". I'm not so sure about that. I it is...I'm happy with it. The house sits on 2 acres on a little street outside of town. It is not in a neighborhood, although we do have neighbors. I'll have a sewing room and a longarm room. No more quilting in the basement.

My challenge has been paint colors. It's not easy picking colors or the entire house at one time. I thought I had everything chosen..and then.. I had forgotten the guest bath. All the colors were settled until I looked at the master bath again. We had originally though it would need to be re-tiled. After investigation it does not need re-tiling, just cleaning and sealing. That meant the new paint should go with the existing tile. So...the green that was going into my sewing room is now going into the master bath and bedroom. The blue from the master is now going into the guest bedroom. musical colors it seems. Oh and I forgot the guest bath again. Still no decision there.

Now I need new colors for my sewing room and long arm room. These are my creative rooms so the options are endless. I finally decided that I will stick with the green or the longarm room. I'm going to do the chair rail thing and put a darker green on the bottom and lighter on top. Then I'm going to paint the vines and flowers that in this wall hanging quilt I made. I'm thinking about a large quilt block for my sewing room.

Oh ...and the guest bath, I forgot to look at it again. Why is it such a problem? The tub is a cream and mauve color. The tile is grey and the grout is the mauve from the tub. I'd like a neutral color to bring it all together. I seem to have a color block when it comes to the bathroom.

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